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Sciarratta Public Relations provides multiple tiers of services that cater to the three most vital needs of clients. Whether financial planning, public relations, or consulting services are needed for your brand, SPR has you covered. Clients have the option of choosing any of the services listed separately or a combination of each for a special price.

Digital social media


Get Noticed Now

Sciarratta Public Relations is filled with young talent that entered the workforce and the entertainment industry with the same concerns that you currently have. Our goal is to make sure that you're set apart from the competition you face. No matter your type of business, our staff will help you avoid the pitfalls your competition is making by countering it with grassroots social media campaigns.


Grow Your Network

Let's get something straight - Life is all about who you know, especially when it comes to the literary industry. Networking during a global pandemic is a tall task for anyone. Let us take care of that for you. If you're an author looking for a publishing house or a self-published author trying to make it on their own, we have the guidance that can help you get a step closer to your future.